Portrait of Martin Michiels Teacher of the Alexander Technique

My name is Martin Michiels, I am an Alexander technique teacher, I help you free your body and mind from your blockages and tensions.

On this blog, I share my tips to develop your awareness in movement .

Towards more mind-body oneness.

All while developing compassion for yourself.

You are in the right place !

If you want to :

  • Reconnect with your inner calm and serenity.
  • Rediscover your intuitive and natural sensitivity.
  • Count on it to give new directions in your life and, in the process, improve your posture and your presence.
  • Learn to take care of yourself on a daily basis.
  • Relieve back, muscle and joint tensions and pains.
  • Relearn how to learn , without forgetting yourself in the process.
  • Live the present moment fully .
  • Nourish and develop your creative talents whether artistic or athletic while taking care of your whole being (body, mind / mind and soul)
  • Realize your full potential. Move towards a more fullfilling life.

The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a reasoned approach forthinking your movements consciously.

It is practical and comprehensive. It aims to change your bad movement patterns .

Without esoteric language. Without incomprehensible pseudo-scientific language.

Without millennial traditions whose meanings have been lost for far too long.

F.M. Alexander called the person’s overall habit patterns the use of the self.

Many techniques act directly on the structure or functioning of the body.

The originality of FM Alexander’s work is to first take care of the use that one makes of oneself before attempting to change anything at the level of the functioning or the structure of our body.

You change your daily movement habits and funcitional or structural improvements come indirectly.

The benefits of the Alexander Technique are quite spectacular :

  • People who have had blockages and pain for years are released and relieved.
  • Artists use the Alexander Technique to enhance their performances and stage presence
  • Releasing tension patterns in the body indirectly releases certain psychological blockages

Since our bad habits are (too often) the cause of our ailments, many people can benefit from improving their self-use thanks to the Alexander Technique.

Disclaimer : The Alexander Technique does not replace a medical diagnosis and appropriate follow-up for lesions and problems that are not due to bad habits. Medical advice should always be taken beforehand if you are in severe conditions. As a profession, we are very clear that we are teachers and not therapists or healers even though the Alexander Technique has therapeutic effects.

My background and my commitment to the Alexander Technique:

  • I started by taking three years of weekly lessons with Martine Cardinal
  • I followed the teacher training course between 2011 and 2014 under the direction of Monique Vanormelingen, assisted by Claire Destrée and Michèle Desonai.
  • It is a long, practical and intense training which lasts three years at a rate of 15 hours per week. It is supplemented by an additional “teacher term” to “ask your questions as a young teacher” once you have graduated.
  • I graduated since July 2014.
  • The teaching diploma is recognized by AEFMAT : the Belgian association of teachers of the Alexander Technique and internationally by ATAS (Alexander Technique Affiliate Societies)
  • I am the voluntary webmaster of the AEFMAT website.
  • I continue to train by following training workshops for teachers and private lessons.


Ce qui m’a frappé c’est de découvrir à quel point il est possible de me sentir bien dans mon corps. Depuis mes leçons, j’ai moins de tensions dans le dos et un meilleur sommeil.
Miko Bukowski
Après les séances, je me sentais différente, plus grande, déliée, comme apaisée dans toutes mes cellules.
Catherine Boeckx
Personal Assistant, EPSU
J’avais mal au dos et la Technique Alexander, alliée à une pratique de la natation, a réglé le problème.
Olivier Colot
Musicien, Entrepreneur, Développeur
Les séances de Technique Alexander m’ont apporté une vraie détente et une meilleure prise de conscience de mon corps.
Brigitte Turner
Université Libre de Bruxelles
La spontanéité et l’aisance des mouvements que nous avons perdues en grandissant, revient. Et, au lieu de nous tasser, nous allons à nouveau grandir ! Alors, plutôt qu’un long discours, explorez cette liberté d’être avec Martin !  Qui plus est, en or sont ses mains.
Fanny Hoeffelman
Médecin, Auteure, Bénévole

What prompted me to do the Alexander Technique teacher training and to make this blog?

  • As a young guitar teacher, I was conscious that I an “example” for my students. I was aware of my responsibility: my bad habits would influence the way my students use themselves when they play the guitar. I started the Alexander Technique teacher training coure because I didn’t want another generation of guitarists to have the same problems as me.
  • I also did it for myself, because discovering the Alexander Technique felt like I had discovered gold. I really wanted surround myself with people who are in this state of benevolent self-liberty.
  • I wanted to access a higher degree of freedom in my body myself and to be able to share this state of freedom with my future students.
  • I started this blog because there are few French-speaking resources in the Alexander Technique, I want to share my passion, my questions and my evolution.