What struck me was to discover how good I can feel in my body.

Since my lessons, I have less strain on my back and better sleep. I appreciated your benevolence and the down to earth principle of the Alexander Technique. You were listening to my feelings and were able to get me at ease. I was fortunate enough to come regularly at the beginning, and I think the frequency of my lessons played a beneficial role in my assimilation of the Technique. By learning to give myself this little break before the action to take care of myself and my well-being, I acquired a greater awareness of what is happening in my body at every moment and I took the reflex to relax the muscles that I don’t need to use as much as possible.
Miko Bukowski

After the sessions, I felt different, taller, more relaxed, as if at peace in all my cells.

I practiced the Alexander Technique because I felt the need to be more present to my body. During the sessions, I appreciated the relaxing feeling that came little by little by listening to my body and taking the time to be just here in the present moment, calm and serene. I still practice constructive rest very regularly. iIt is very simple and so beneficial to give myself presence on a daily basis. I now become aware of my tensions and contractures more often and more quickly. The Constructive rest gives me a practical way to take care of mys tensions and help them dissapear.
Catherine boeckx
Personal Assistant, EPSU

I had back pain and the Alexander Technique, combined with swimming, solved the problem.

Despite not having attended a lot of sessions, the Technique brought me awareness: I realized that my body was acting a lot outside of what I perceive today. I often left the sessions less agitated than when I entered them, like after a meditation.

The Alexander Technique sessions brought me real relaxation and a better awareness of my body.

I came to improve my posture, especially when sitting, and decrease the tension in the shoulders and the Technique improved my problems. Today, I do my best to use the technique on a daily basis.
Brigitte Turner
Free University of Brussels